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Monte Jade Science & Technology Association Canada (MJ Canada) is a not-for-profit organization that supports entrepreneurship and investment with a focus on bridging business to business and investment opportunities between Canadian and Asian firms through business & technology match-making and related services. MJ Global began in the Silicon Valley in 1989. The MJ Western Canada Chapter was created in 1997 and expanded its mandate nationally to become MJ Canada in 2008.

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Monte Jade Canada Pac50 Program Services

Pac50 - Supported by NRC-IRAP

Monte Jade Canada’s Pac50 program offers assistance to Canadian companies looking to expand in the Asia Pacific region. For more information, contact:
Kenny Chan
Project Manager
604 727 1711

Monte Jade Pac50 Trusted Advisors Services

Commercialization Sustainability Assessment (CSA)
CSA focuses on 5 different functions and the key elements critical to the success of commercializing new products in a market such as: 

  1. Uniqueness and competitive advantage of a technology/product.
  2. The knowledge and its ability to penetrate the target market.
  3. The ability and capacity of the sales force and of the customer support team to deliver projects that generate expected margins.
  4. The commitment and alignment of the management as a functional team to execute on its strategy.
  5. The solidity of the business model  that integrates the above functions and a financing plan that maximizes the success of its execution

CSA provides a guide to stakeholders of our Pac50 members to strengthen the sustainability of their business.

Partnership search
Monte Jade Canada Pac50 trusted advisors can support our members in their search for in-country partners for joint R&D or to expand into new markets.

Accompaniment and Advisory
Monte Jade Pac50 trusted advisors can accompany and advise management in their initial expansion steps as they explore in-country opportunities, discover regulations and discuss potential partnerships.

Sustained temporary BD
Monte Jade Canada Pac50 trusted advisors can provide business development assistance including market research, production setup, customer referrals, and finance sourcing.

Credit Report
Monte Jade Pac50 trusted advisors can provide Canadian companies with credit reports through our relationships with in-country firms on Asia companies such as Chinese and Vietnamese as a due diligence tool to help our member companies evaluate their potential partners, their financial health, legal status, identity of their shareholders, and history of payments.

Market Report
Monte Jade Canada Pac50 trusted advisors can access in-country firms’ expertise and experience to assist its members to conduct market surveys, perform due diligence on partners, and develop market expansion strategies.

Other resources:


-The Canadian National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program offers resources to Canadian firms including providing funding support for international targets and complementing Monte Jade Canada’s international efforts.

Monte Jade Canada’s Trusted Advisor Network

In addition to Monte Jade pac50 Program services described above, Monte Jade Canada's network of trusted advisors include agencies, professional service firms and expert consultants in Canada and overseas who can provide the particular advice needed by our members to confidently expand their operations.

Lunar Event

August 2013: Welcome event for China Tech Consul Mao/Mei
Monte Jade Canada held an event to bid farewell to China Tech Consul Mei and welcome Tech Consul Mao. They shared their experiences of working with Canadian tech businesses, as well as their future plans and incentives for doing business with China in the technology field. Attendees included local tech executives and government representatives.

March 2013: Pac50 launch event, Global Monte Jade Summit
The conference gathered domestic public and private sector individuals to meet with key players from China, Taiwan, and other Asia-Pacific regions to highlight the importance of partnership strategies during international expansion. We also announced our newly launched Pac50 program. Pac50 is an NRC-IRAP funded program which aims to link Canadian technology companies with their high-tech counterparts in the Asia-Pacific region to assist in raising money from investors, connecting with partners and customers, and finding outsourcing opportunities. Speakers included Global Monte Jade Honorable Chair and former Premier of Taiwan, Dr. Chao Shiuan Liu.

Pac50 Lunch Forum

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